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We all have rights, and at Pride Disability Services we’re here to help you be heard, valued, and respected, while we may not always have all of the answers there are so many resources we can access together to point us in the right direction. To find out more about your rights feel free to visit the links below, but remember you can always talk to us, because we are here for you.

Your Rights


NDIS participants have the right to be safe and to receive quality services from the providers and workers they choose to support them under the NDIS.

The Charter enshrines civil, political and cultural rights into Victorian law. Public authorities must observe those rights. New policies and legislation must also take into account human rights, and public authorities – for example, people working for the government – must also observe human rights so that members of the community are not treated unfairly.

These standards have a greater focus on person centered approaches and promote choice and control by people with disability. These are considered critical under the National Disability Insurance Scheme.  The six standards are;

  • Rights

  • Participation and Inclusion

  • Individual Outcomes

  • Feedback and Complaints

  • Service Access

  • Service Management

We want to know you are happy and that you are living your best life with Pride, feedback and complaints is something we take very seriously as this provides us with the opportunity of providing the highest quality of supports and services we provide to you, your complaints and ideas provides an awesome opportunity for us to talk, share ideas and to work together to make every thing we do as a Disability Service Provider excellent, after all without your input how can we strive towards having the perfect Pride Family.


The Privacy Principles contained in the Victorian privacy legislation: Privacy and Data Act 2014,

the Victorian Health Records Act 2001 (Health Records Act) set the standard for the use and management of personal information collected by or provided to Pride Disability Services. This collection, use and disclosure statement explains how and why Pride Disability Services collects, uses and discloses personal information.


Pride Disability Services will take all reasonable steps to ensure that personal information is protected against loss, unauthorized access, modification or disclosure, and other misuse. Personal information collected and held by Pride Disability Services will only be accessed and used by people employed or engaged by Pride Disability Services as required in the fulfilment of their duties and in a manner consistent with the original purpose. Information may be used or disclosed to organizations outside Pride Disability Services were permitted by the participant. The information you provide may be used and disclosed for the purposes of collection, it may also be used or disclosed for secondary purposes in certain circumstances such as where the participant consents to such use, or where the use is authorized by law.

Information on the Rights and privacy principles can be found at;

To submit your concent to Pride Disability Services around Privacy, Emergency and Disaster planning

click the link below

To obtain a copy of Pride Disability Services polices and procedures for client services

Click the link below

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